Friday, October 27, 2006

Piran and Portoroz

Now let's cross the bay from Venice to Piran and Portoroz, Slovenia.
At the beginning of October I travelled to Portoroz, Piran and Ljubljana, Slovenia for the Golden Drum advertising festival and I couln't miss the opportunity to make some pictures of these magnificent locations. I was really impressed by Slovenia and especially by Piran and Ljubljana. I am going to show you some pictures and tell you some comments. Go there! You'll like it!

From Portoroz to Piran

The Port of Piran - the small pink lighthouse

The port of Piran - the water level is low

Piran - What time is it?

Piran - the sea above

Piran - sky above a square

Portoroz - an open window

Portoroz - vertical garden

Piran - plastic is fantastic

Piran - point of view

Piran - fontana

Portoroz - the port of Portoroz

Piran - The old lighthouse

Piran - The wall of the old lighthouse

Piran - under the sun

Piran - look at it!

Piran - walkway

Piran - scuba to Trieste

Piran - The port

Piran - I'm 9 times more pirate than you

Piran - Tartini Square

Piran - sunset ofer the town

Piran - urban funnel

Piran - view to Portoroz

Piran - on the hill

Portoroz - seaside1

Portoroz - seaside2

Portoroz - seaside 3

Piran - sunset1

Piran - sunset2

Piran - sunset3

Piran - sunset4

Piran - sunset5

Portoroz - sunset1


Portoroz to Piran - just checking

Piran - the cliffs of Portoroz

Piran - autumn evening peace

Piran - excuse me, isn't it St. Tropez?

Portoroz - the Adriatic sea

Piran - Sunset at Isola

Piran - from the top of the medieval defence wall

Piran - play on mirror

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Venice 1

It is nothing abnormal to take a lot of photos when visiting Venice. I did the same. But I visited Venice both in summer and winter. Winter is great in Venice. Especially in January. I arrived in a completely different city than during the summer. Very very few people in the street. Unbelievable. This is why I think some of the hundreds of pictures I made are worth seeing. I am going to post many pictures but not all at once. this is the first part, called "People in Venice".

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Gipsy Stuff

A couple of weeks ago I made a trip to Tg-Jiu and I succeded in doing some nice pictures featuring gipsies. It was very difficult to take the pictures as they were not so willing to be photographed. All these had happened at a fair. They thought I might have been a policeman or a journalist trying to catch them for various causes...

But I think the pictures are quite nice.

Chic Chick